Agriculture & Energy

Consistently ranked in the top ten agricultural counties in the nation, Weld County is an agriculture bastion of 2.5 million acres, 75% devoted to farming and raising livestock. With over 3,000 farms, Weld’s agricultural products annually create over $1 billion in market value. Weld County’s agricultural heritage reigns supreme and I fully support the county’s ag roots and its right to farm policies.​

I honed my work ethic on the feedlots and ranches around my hometown of LaSalle. After high school graduation, I was elected State Vice President of the Colorado FFA Association where it was my honor to represent Colorado agriculture and agriculturalists both state and nationwide.

I am a proponent of policies that support the agriculture industry and protect the rights of private property owners to convert their lands to other desired and appropriate land uses while protecting and honoring the rural lifestyle and heritage of Weld County.

Weld County is the number one producer of oil and gas in the state with 89% of all crude oil production and one-third of all natural gas production in Colorado coming from this county. I fully support domestic energy exploration and production and the utilization of safe and proven technologies to maximize energy production. I respect and honor sub-surface property rights and the owner of that property to exercise their associated rights within the confines of Weld County code and Colorado statute.

Colorado has among the strictest oil and gas regulations in the nation. I believe when these regulations are followed by producers in concert with Weld County's existing regulations pertaining to oil and gas production, a sufficient regulatory environment exists to provide for the safety of the public and the continued production of our nation's energy needs.