Thoughtful Leadership
...God equipped me with a skill, understanding, or experience necessary to serve.

From small town, agricultural upbringings to 35-years as a communications professional, to active volunteer work in our communities, to 16-years as an elected representative, "my whole is greater than the sum of my parts."

I believe God has us right where He wants us... His perfect timing with the right set of skills for His purpose. I believe the skill set He equipped me with perfectly matches Weld County’s need. I'm an effective, natural communicator and a consensus builder. I'm a pragmatic and practical level-headed thinker. I'm a thoughtful listener. I believe in openness, accountability, and transparency. I'm an unlikely politician equipped to serve at a time when someone with a servant’s heart is needed.

I ask you elect me to a position that requires thoughtful leadership – a discerning balance.
Elected officials must constantly balance their personal principles with their roles as a representative of the people in a constitutional republic. My core principles of a small, non-intrusive government, personal responsibility, individual liberty, personal property rights, the belief in the role of the educated, involved citizen, accountability and transparency are unwavering and my personal guideposts. (See more about my core principles and beliefs HERE.)

Yet to be an effective elected representative, I take my role of representing YOU – your needs and desires as you pursue happiness – with the gravest of sincerity. Your concerns are my concerns. Your needs of government are my needs and it is my role as an elected representative to ensure that you are represented in your government, all while not betraying my personal principles.

As an elected official, we are one part leader, one part representative, and the two parts require a thoughtful, conscious balance.
This job must be done by someone with a servant’s heart. It must be done by someone who understands the proper role of government and knows that both anarchy and run away bureaucracy are losing propositions.

We see way too many people elected to office who use their authority to force their personal ideology onto the very people they were elected to serve. This is wrong. The greatest Leader who ever lived washed the feet of His servants. I believe government needs more foot washin’ and less freedom stiflin’ and mouth flappin’.

I have a heart for Weld County.
I'm an unlikely politician uniquely equipped to serve. It is my great desire that you'll join me on this campaign journey as we discuss the opportunities and challenges ahead in our county as we create #ANewDayForWeld.
I humbly submit that I am the right leader/representative for the people of Weld County at the right time.

This is your county. This is your government. #WeAreWeld.