As a 35-year radio air talent and 16-year elected official, I am used to life in the public eye. I have openly shared my life’s ups and downs with an audience for years. Openness – transparency – is an environment comfortable for me. It nurtures trust and understanding. A nothing-to-hide attitude benefits all and grows confidence in government.​

Government works best when it operates in the sunlight of constituent oversight and scrutiny. Available technology makes transparency an easier endeavor than ever before and should be a goal of Weld County Government. Weld County is blessed with healthy finances and available cash resources.

I am a proponent of investing in transparency and oversight, including the audio/video broadcast and archive of all public meetings, technology that makes county elected officials’ email accessible online for public viewing, and public comment via teleconferencing (i.e. Skype) are just a few of the readily available technologies that would increase transparency. Simple and affordable steps such as these can easily be taken to increase transparency and public interaction, thus growing confidence in government and elected officials.

I am a strong proponent of Weld County government immediately establishing a watchdog process and oversight group. I believe the impetus for that process and group was outlined in the Weld County charter and already exists in the Weld County Council. I am a proponent of budgetary empowerment of the Council to fulfill this vital oversight role.