Fiscal Responsibility
At the very core of my belief is my ultimate respect for the taxpayer’s – FOR YOUR – dollars. I am an unabashed fiscal conservative and with every expenditure, I ask, “is this truly needed,” “can we afford it,” and “is this expenditure the proper role of government?”

For governments, the budget is where the rubber meets the road. Governments set their priorities with their budgets and priorities should be determined with the priorities of the people the government serves at the core.
  • Budgets should be set within available funds and ensure that basic services are funded at normal levels.
  • Revenue estimates should be realistic.
  • Public safety and roads and bridges should be a priority.
  • Employee compensation should be realistic, fair and comparable to salary levels found in the private sector.
  • Establishing reserves should be a priority as they provide protection and stability for the future.
  • TABOR limits must be adhered to.
  • Efficiency and productivity should be a priority.
  • Growth should pay its own way, be planned for an accommodated.

In almost all cases I believe that public debt is bad government and an undue burden on ourselves and future generations.

I am a proponent of biennial budgets as I believe they encourage vision, creative planning, and increase accountability and transparency.

Governments should manage their money like responsible families, living within their means, balancing their budget, saving for future wants and needs, and scrutinizing every expenditure to ensure it is of maximum benefit to the family.